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Tiny Puppy Is Picked Up From His Litter And Presented To This Mama Cat Who Welcomes Him To The Family

When their dog and cat both had litters at the same time, these pet parents wanted to see what would happen if they introduced one of the newborn pups to the mama cat.

At first, she's uncertain about what's going on. This strange baby is quite a bit larger than her own, but he's really hungry and still quite blind... should she accept him?

She hesitantly watches her people as they lower the little one down, but once he's in the box, you'll have to see what she does for yourself!

Mama Cat's Reaction to Newborn Puppy

Posted by Crazy Cat Lovers on Monday, March 27, 2017

Do you think this was the right thing to do? Should they have just left the little puppy with his own mama?

[h/t Crazy Cat Lovers]

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