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Toxic Flowers Ruined Her Dream Wedding - But Her "I Do Re-Do" Was Magical

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Christine Jo Miller - Todd Anderson - Disney

Sometimes a story is just so terrible, all you can do is laugh.

Christine Miller's wedding is a perfect example.

The unlucky bride made headlines around the world after she spent her wedding day in the E.R because of her homemade bouquet.

Luckily, a TV host just gave her the perfect wedding day do-over.

The Toxic Bouquet

The thrifty bride from Nebraska had made her own wedding decorations, table ornaments, and bouquet using flowers found on her own property.

Too bad those pretty white flowers were lily of the valley, a toxic plant which has been known to kill cows in large doses.

Miller and her fiance Jon at the E.R.Christine Miller

After spending hours making decorations from the plants, Miller rubbed the sap on her face and broke out in an immediate, painful rash.

“Within 15 minutes there was a rash on my face and it started to spread down my neck and arms,” she told People about the incident.

But Miller still insisted to her fiance Jon that the show must go on.

The E.R.

The bride says makeup was dripping down her face because her swollen eyes couldn't stop watering.

After rushing through the ceremony, Jon and Christine stopped by the emergency room for a shot and some pills, then headed to their reception.

Doctors say Miller was lucky not to get permanent eye damage from the mishap.

But after such a nightmarish wedding day, the couple got some good news from Steve Harvey.

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