Twin Kittens Rescued From Roof In The Rain, One Grows Up To Be A 'King'

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Twin Kittens Rescued From Roof In The Rain, One Grows Up To Be A 'King'


About eight months ago, reddit user dmayan was outside his home when he heard a sound coming from his roof.  

As he approached to investigate further, he realized that what he was hearing were the cries of two newborn kittens.

It was a rainy day and without a mother in sight, the siblings were fighting for their lives.

"I found them on the roof of my house. There was no sign of their mother," the reddit user told Love Meow.

He already had several cats of his own, but he knew immediately that these sweet babies had precious few hours left to live.

What he did next changed their lives completely!

He brought the helpless kittens inside out of the rain and began the gentle work of caring for them. First he dried them up with a towel, then he cleaned their eyes and wrapped them up - nice and warm.

Newborns need around-the-clock care, with plenty of feedings and assistance with bowel movements.

Tragically, one of the kittens succumbed to pneumonia and passed away three days later. He tried everything he could to bring her back to life, but the little one was too far gone.

Her brother, on the other hand, was strong enough to keep fighting. Finally, his tiny eyes opened and he took a good look at the new world around him.

His rescuer decided to name the adorable little guy Maui. Just a few weeks later, he was strong enough to go exploring. The curious little kitty loved to follow his human every where he went...

To this day, no one really knows how Maui and his sister ended up on the roof, but they suspect that their mother either dropped them as she attempted to move her litter, or that she left them because they were sickly.

Thankfully for Maui, his rescuer came along just in the nick of time! Now he's growing stronger and stronger.

Soon he was a beautiful little grey and white kitten with a curious personality and a strong set of pipes. He never failed to tell his humans when he was hungry with a loud baby cat meow!

As he grew, they soon realized that Maui was actually a stunning seal-point Siamese!

Today, he's a happy boy who loves his big family.

He snuggles up with his brother and sister cats and likes to stretch out on the bed!

Isn't he handsome? This beautiful boy went from rags to riches - now he lives like a king with his forever family.

[h/t Love Meow/ reddit-dmayan]