Couple With Two Sets Of Twins Film Their Nurse's Sweet Reaction


Loving Husband Films His Wife's Delivery, Captures The Moment Her Nurse Is Left Speechless

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Having twins is joyous, stressful, and hectic all at once.

Sadly, none of my married siblings have had twins (yet) but I've heard from all my friends that they really do bring double the joy to their families.

Erica Newschafer already knew what to expect when her twins were born - because she had given birth to another set of twins just four years earlier.

But loving dad Weston filmed every moment of her labor, and managed to capture a heartwarming moment.

Twins, twice

As the Newschafers share on their blog, Twins Twice, they had already welcomed a daughter, Mylee, and a pair of twins, Kai and Mia, by 2013.

Then, Erica learned she was pregnant with twins again, and had to start planning for another grueling delivery.

At least, that's what she was expecting.

Twins Twice
Weston filmed every moment of the delivery.Twins Twice - YouTube

In fact Erica's labor (her second natural birth) lasted just three hours, which must make mothers everywhere extremely jealous.

To capture the whole event, Weston arrived at the hospital with his computer, iPad, and GoPro camera ready.

While the full video is funny and sweet, the moment that really drew a reaction came at the very end.

Even the nurses were stunned

Is it possible to see so many births that you become jaded, and stop appreciating the wonder?

Twins Twice
Nurses gasped, clapped, and cheered as the twins were born.Twins Twice - YouTube

Maybe, but the nurses who helped Erica during her delivery obviously have not reached that point.

They gasped and covered their mouths as they heard the sound of Erica's babies crying.

This time the Newschafer's had waited until the delivery to learn their baby's genders, and they were pleasantly surprised by two healthy boys.

Twins Twice
Erica and Weston's boys, Kale and Kane were both happy and healthy.Twins Twice - YouTube

The video of the birth, which has been viewed more than 2 million times, seems to have something for everyone.

Some commenters liked Weston's goofy jokes, while others congratulated Erica on the speedy and safe delivery.

As another mother's birth story proves, giving birth isn't always so easy...

Talk about labor

Compared to Erica's dreamy delivery story, Angel Taylor's was a nightmare.

The mother of three from Washington state spent four grueling days giving birth to her youngest son.

Photo Credit: Sara Krebsbach Photography

Posted by Angel Taylor on Sunday, September 24, 2017

Taylor's ordeal began when she was induced a week before her due date, because her blood pressure was dangerously high.

"It was really a difficult pregnancy in general and I had a lot of complications like gestational diabetes and hypertension, so it was very high risk from early on," she explained to BuzzFeed News.

Taylor's body was extremely slow to dilate, even after doctors began to dose her with a hormone called Pitocin.

It became clear that a natural birth would put Taylor and her baby at risk, so doctors scheduled an emergency c-section.

What an entrance

taylor} *warning, some blood from section* last night we delivered a baby boy via c-section, this mom fought from...

Posted by Laura Shockley Photography on Friday, March 9, 2018

After days of waiting and a grueling procedure, Taylor's son finally arrived with some flair.

Luckily, photographer Laura Shockley was on hand to capture the boy's incredible pose.

It looks like he's saying, "Ta-dah!"

"I thought it was just so funny because he would be like that in my belly, he was always stretching," Taylor explained.

"We'd tell him, "˜You'd have so much more room to stretch if you just came out!" And when he came out, that's exactly what he did. It was a big relief."

taylor} *warning, some blood from section* last night we delivered a baby boy via c-section, this mom fought from...

Posted by Laura Shockley Photography on Friday, March 9, 2018

Taylor's troubles didn't end there - her son had difficulty feeding and a knot in his umbilical cord - but both mother and baby were happy and healthy a few days after the birth.

"He is the chillest baby," Taylor says. "He is really sweet and very calm. He hardly ever cries. He just loves to snuggle and is just very sweet."

taylor} *warning, some blood from section* last night we delivered a baby boy via c-section, this mom fought from...

Posted by Laura Shockley Photography on Friday, March 9, 2018

Another mom impressed the world with her unique birth story, because she made time for her homework during labor.

"Finals season ain't over"

After photos of Nayzia Thomas working on her laptop in her delivery room went viral, the multitasking mom shared her bizarre story.

Thomas was just 19 and a college sophomore at the time, and says that her family and friends expected her to put school on hold during her pregnancy.

Instead, Thomas continued her semester, and was finishing a paper for one of her classes just hours before her delivery.

"I was at 2 centimeters when I was finishing the paper," she told Today.

"The contractions were painful, but I have a high pain tolerance. I thought "˜Before this gets unbearable, let's get this done."

Thomas explains that her baby boy arrived a little earlier than she expected.

Even though the paper wasn't due for another week, Thomas knew she would have no time to finish it once he was born.

"I wasn't feeling right, and I blacked out"

The hardest part of Thomas's delivery actually came after she handed in her paper.

Nayzia Thomas delivery
Thomas and her boyfriend Daivon with their son AJ.Nayzia' / @naydxll / Twitter

Her son AJ was born a healthy six pounds, eight ounces, but she was feeling "really lightheaded and really woozy" following the delivery.

"I wasn't feeling right, and I blacked out."

Thomas even had chest pain and trouble breathing, and doctors were forced to give her a blood transfusion.

Thomas says she was probably in shock from the delivery, but this young mother's story has a happy ending.

She and AJ are both healthy today, and her paper earned an A. Thomas says she finished the semester with a 3.5 GPA.

As she tells other young women in her situation, "You can do it."

"A lot of things in life [are] mind [over] matter. You have to be strong and you have to fight through it."

Was your delivery story as tough as hers, or more like Erica Newschafer's breezy twin birth?

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