Unlikely Doggy Duo Surprises Shelter Workers With Heartwarming Reunion

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Unlikely Doggy Duo Surprises Shelter Workers With Heartwarming Reunion

Kellie Szczepanski / The Dodo

It's fairly common for two or three dogs to be picked up from the same area and brought into the Taylor Animal Shelter in Lincoln Park, Michigan.

When animal control officers picked up Willy the Husky and little Buck the Chihuahua from the streets of Lincoln Park, no one considered that they might be best friends.

The two dogs were brought to Taylor Animal Shelter and put in separate cages. No one knew of their special bond until one volunteer noticed the little Chihuahua would run over to see his buddy Willy in his kennel at walk times.

"They just lit up... and they got really excited," said senior volunteer Melissa Cartwright. "The Little Chihuahua just follows this husky non-stop, you can see the bond."

Cartwright tells the local abc News network that shelter workers think Willy and Buck came from the same home. Even though they did everything they could to reunite the duo with their owners - including posting about the pair on Facebook, the shelter got no response.

Experts estimate Buck to be about 6 years old and Willy to be about 4 years old. All this time, these best furr-ends had been trying to tell their rescuers about their special bond.

Workers at the shelter made it their mission to get these two adopted together - since they were so closely bonded, it would have been impossible to separate them!

The Dodo reached out to Kellie Szczepanski, another volunteer at the shelter, who worked hard to get these buddies adopted.

"They are both really sweet, like to be petted and are full of energy, but not hyper," Szczepanski said. "They just like following each other, Willy likes to talk to Buck and likes being petted at the same time."

Thanks to the hard work of the shelter staff and volunteers, Willy and Buck were adopted by someone who loves them both! Now these buddies get the happy ending they both deserve!

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