Unlikely Romance Between Two Dogs Produces These Unique Little Cuties

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Unlikely Romance Between Two Dogs Produces These Unique Little Cuties

When Teresa Patterson's Rottweiler, Zara starting showing signs of pregnancy, she didn't realize who the father was until the unusual little babies were born.

It wasn't until after Patterson got a good look at the babies that she realized their father was her other dog, West Highland terrier, Joey!

The little sir had cross-bred with her female Rottweiler double his size! Somehow the lover's tryst went unnoticed until Zara's litter of 11 puppies were born in North Grimston, Yorkshire, England.

The first-time mother was four-years-old when she gave birth to the 'wotties.' The delivery was pretty shocking for Patterson, a 50-year-old administrative clerk who was stunned when Zara didn't know what to do:

"Zara didn't know what to do and I just started screaming when the puppies started popping out..."

Sadly, Zara lost interest in caring for the puppies soon after they were born. Zara refused to feed the little babes, and tragically, four puppies died before Patterson stepped in.

Patterson tells Daily Mail that she fed the puppies a mixture of Wheetabix and scrambled egg to keep them strong. She says she fed the little ones a malted milk drink to help them sleep at night.

Thankfully the puppies survived and have all found good homes through the Yorkshire Coast Dog Rescue in Scarborough, England.

According to The Kennel Club, this is the first known 'Wottie' cross-breed. Unfortunately, it'll be the last where Zara's concerned. Joey's heading to the vet soon to be neutered, says Patterson.

It's too bad, too!  Patterson says that these little cuties have " a lovely temperament like their parents, (although) they are high maintenance as they want attention all the time."

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