Woman Buys $13 Ring At Flea Market, Later Discovers It's Worth $850,000


Woman Buys $13 Ring At Flea Market, Later Discovers It's Worth $850,000

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Some people try their luck by buying lottery tickets or making fast money at a casino, and others just wait for fate to give them a hand. I personally love to play goldenslot when I have some down time.

One lucky woman was wearing a fortune on her finger for more than 30 years and she didn't even know it!

The unnamed lady was shopping at a flea market in London in the 80s when a cocktail ring caught her eye.

According to ABC News, she spent approximately $15 on the jewelry.

Here's where the story gets intriguing...

Decades later, a local jeweler changed the woman's life by telling her that the gem on her finger is actually a 26-carot white diamond.

The lucky woman seemed to have a hunch that it wasn't a cheap ring when she was searching for impressive diamonds on Google.

"She randomly took it to a local jeweler who said, 'This could be a diamond,' and told her to 'seriously get it looked at,'" Jessica Wyndham, head of Sotheby's London jewelry department, who met with the owner of the ring, said.

The jeweler was surprised that the lucky lady didn't pick up on the uniqueness of the ring many years ago:

"Even if it was just a small 1-carat diamond it would be amazing, but the fact that it's 26 carats, that's larger than most would see in their lifetime let alone own dream of owning. To have one this big and truly pure is astounding."

Getty Images | Peter Macdiarmid

The jeweler contacted the Gemological Institute of America to have the stone identified, where they checked the diamond's color, clarity, size and weight.

As far as where this diamond came from, Wyndham said "it's impossible to really date it."

"The style of the diamond has notable characteristics similar to what you would expect from the 19th century," she added.

The diamond was auctioned for around $450,000, but sold for a staggering $849,637 in June 2017.

I'm definitely going to be paying more attention at flea markets!

Have you ever found something valuable at a flea market?

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