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17 Vintage Appliances Kids Today Wouldn't Recognize

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Remember when you couldn't go anywhere without hearing a record turning, a Polaroid snapping, or a boombox blasting? While it always seemed like those days would last forever, eventually we moved on from our technologies, and now you'd be hard-pressed to event rack down some of these items.

Which of these do you remember?

HAM Radio

While it's popularity has faded into obscurity today with the advent of the internet, amateur radio used to be a big hit!

VHS Tapes

We must have piles of these stored away in our basement, I'm sure they'll be worth a fortune one day!

Analog Phones

It may be easier to carry around a phone today but these were so fun to have around!

Polaroid Camera

This was definitely a loss. Having a picture right after you take it = the best.


Though only really used by enthusiasts today, everyone remembers having to type up their school work using one of these.


Do you remember popping these in before CDs took over?

8-Track Tapes

Or the short-lived reign of 8-tracks? I suppose it lives on in some ways.


Throwback to before cassettes, we all had that one friend who wouldn't even let us touch their copy of the White Album. (We did anyways)

Floppy Disc

At the time they seemed so futuristic and sleek, how did they become the iconic symbol for the outdated?

You may have recognized these vintage items, but what about some lesser-known appliances that used to be everywhere?

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