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People Are Getting Vintage Pyrex Pattern Tattoos And Grandma Would Totally Approve

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It wasn't until I got older and started to experiment in the kitchen that I realized just how important it is to use good quality cookware.

It finally made sense why my grandmother and mom liked to collect certain brands of cookware, like Pyrexand CorningWare.

Thanks to their durability, ability to withstand extreme temperatures, and unique patterns, over time, these dishes became worthy of iconic status.

Nowadays, some of these coveted vintage glass cookware are worth a fortune. While some people were lucky enough to inherit some dishes from their grandmothers, some avid collectors have spent a ton of their own money to add pieces to their Pyrex collection.

If you thought spending thousands of dollars on a casserole is extreme, then you clearly haven't seen the Pyrex-inspired tattoos some passionate collectors have been decorating their bodies with.

Although the trend has seen a recent resurgence, people have been inking parts of their bodies with the vintage patterns for years now.

"I can't believe it has been an entire year since getting this tattoo, I still get compliments on it all of the time :)," Matt Macomber wrote underneath a photo of his body art on Flickr in 2012.  

Pinterest user Glenda Holcomb also uploaded a photo of her floral tattoo on the website a few years ago.  

"My Spring Blossom Pyrex Tattoo, with matching nails using Vivid Lacquer Stamping Plate VL030, and of course, my Spring Blossom Loaf Pan!" she wrote in the description.

More recently, the Pyrex tattoo trend has migrated to Instagram, where people have been sharing more and more photos of their body's artwork and they're impressive.

"This is ON ME! The wonderful @aliciaetattoo gave me this adorable little hen in a Pyrex teacup on the first day of the convention," one person wrote on the caption of a photo in which they're showing off their pyrex teacup tattoo.  

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Just a few days ago, another Instagram user shared her brand new tattoo inspired by her "favorite print."

While some people got their bodies inked with Pyrex patterns because they're passionate about the glassware, others got their tattoos for more sentimental reasons.

Instagram user @hellfirefemme is a good example. She got "a mixing bowl of pie" like her grandmother used to make tattooed on her arm as a form of tribute.

Jamie Hubbard got a tattoo inspired by a pattern called mod kitchen. As we all know, the apple is a symbol for knowledge, and this is why Hubbard, a teacher, told Shared that the apple print was the "perfect" choice.

One man actually got a stack of patterned Pyrex bowls tattooed on his arm simply because his wife loves the iconic cookware. The gooseberry print is her favorite and that's exactly what he had drawn on.

If this isn't true love, then I don't know what is.

If you can't get enough of Pyrex tattoos, here are some more you can admire:

Pyrex Love is Forever Love @apopalyptic #pyrextattoo

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There's no way grandma wouldn't approve of these tattoos, but let us know what YOU think of them in the comments.

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