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The Violent Marriage Of Humphrey Bogart Would Put Hollywood To Shame Today

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Nowadays, we are hearing the uncensored truth behind some of the most horrifying stories among the celebrity elite, and it is truly shocking to behold.

With stories of abuse, rampant alcoholism, and violent tempers, many people will want to hearken back to the better times when everything seemed to be innocent and carefree.

Unfortunately, if you lived through the previous decades, you know how wrong those young people are.

Even some of the biggest names in Hollywood had their dark secrets, and there is no better example of this than the tumultuous marriage of movie stars Humphrey Bogart and Mayo Methot, otherwise known (fittingly) as "The Battling Bogarts."

These high-profile celebrities were married in August, 1938 after a brief courtship, and while they were seen as the Hollywood couple, it was more for their heavy drinking and violent outbursts rather than any fairy tale romance.

But let's not jump the gun - that was Humphrey's job!

While both came from previous marriages, they truly believed at the time that they had found true love.

The two stars got on well when sober, but that was a rare occurrence. However, it wasn't Bogart who was the problem.

Methot was notorious for drinking wild amounts and attacking Bogart in their home and in public, earning herself the nickname, "Sluggy."

Their home, known as Sluggy Hollow, was the site of many battles between the young couple. There were casualties, like when Methot stabbed Bogart in the shoulder, and lethal threats, when she pulled a gun on Bogart in the middle of a dinner party!

Eventually, Bogart would start an affair with fellow actress Lauren Bacall, causing even larger fights between him and his wife, until the pair split up for the last time.

While Methot's story is an unhappy one, Bogart would find true love with Bacall. They were married 15 days after "The Battling Bogarts" divorce, and led a happy life together until Bogart's death in 1957.

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