Wobbly Cat Is Barely A Year Old, But Delivers Has A Special Surprise To Her Rescuers

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Wobbly Cat Is Barely A Year Old, But Delivers Has A Special Surprise To Her Rescuers

At first, when Cassie and her neighbor saw this young cat wobbling outside her home, she thought it was a little strange. She put food outside for the little girl, who regularly stopped by to snack for about two weeks.

Then she realized there was something extra special about the little ginger cat: she was pregnant! Cassie reached out to Kym McNulty of Whisker Stop, a non-profit animal rescue organization in Missouri.

McNulty took in the little mama, now named Martini, and was taken aback by her temperament.

"She is just the best momma ever!" McNulty told Love Meow. "She has head bob and unsteady gait, but even with her issues, she is very loving and sweet."

Sweet Martini was estimated to be just under a year old, but she after her kittens were born, she stepped into the role of mama with ease.

So , this sweet momma can not stop purring. She doesn't wanna leave her babies ..she is just precious!! Best mom ever !

Posted by Kym McNulty on Thursday, June 9, 2016

In a follow-up post, LoveMeow reports that Martini and her babies were transfered to Tenth Life in St. Louis, where the new mama got specialist care.

It was discovered that little Martini has hydrocephalus. It is commonly called "water on the brain," which results in the buildup of too much cerebrospinal fluid in the brain. Normally, this fluid cushions your brain, but when there is too much, it puts harmful pressure on your brain.

So her foster mom, Bobbi Hale, has decided to adopt the sweet mother cat permanently. Martini's kittens were available for adoption in June 2016.

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