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Woman Loses An Astonishing 180 Pounds In 24 Hours For One Terrifying Reason

Mary Clancey of Saint Clair, Pennsylvania had struggled with weight issues for most of her adult life. Even though she took care with diet and exercise, the 71-year-old grandmother's weight would not budge below 350 pounds.

Then, one day, she shed nearly 200 pounds in 24 hours.

All her life, she thought she was just a "plump woman," when in fact, she was carrying a tumor the size of a person growing in her midsection.

Philadelphia news station 6ABC Action News reports that she visited the hospital after experiencing blood clotting in her legs. That's where an MRI revealed a large mass on her ovary.

Doctors suspect that the tumor had been growing for nearly 16 years! It took them five hours to remove the 140-pound stage-one cancerous tumor and 40 pounds of extra skin!

Clancey went from 350lbs to a slim and trim 150lbs!

Although it's taken some getting used to, Clancey is enjoying her newfound physical freedom:

"My body didn't feel right. I guess I was so used to carrying that weight that I felt totally different." She tells local news, "I gained 10 pounds since I got home," she said, "hopefully, I'll get curvy. I'll be one hot babe eventually."

Mary, you already are!