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Woman Who Was Denied Entrance Into A Maternity Ward Gives Birth On The Street

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Lizzie Hines/Facebook

A woman who had given birth on the street after she was denied entrance into her hospital's maternity ward is looking for the stranger who gave her their scarf to keep her newborn son warm.

Last December, Lizzie Hines was told she couldn't be admitted to the University College London Hospital (UCLH) as she had only been in labor for two and a half hours, Buzzfeed News reports.

Half an hour later, Hines gave birth to her son, Louis.

"When [Louis] arrived he flew at speed into the pajamas I was wearing with a T-shirt, bare feet, and a long coat, but no one had realized," Hines said. "I said 'He's here!' And a woman said 'Don’t worry, we will get you to the hospital before he arrives,' and I said 'No, he's here!'"

"They opened my pajamas and found him wriggling and starting to cry out. Someone in the crowd shouted 'It's a Christmas miracle!'" she added.

She had given birth outside Tottenham Court Road tube station, but had nothing to protect her newborn from the elements. Luckily a good Samaritan gave her their scarf to keep Louis warm.

A year later, Hines took to Facebook to seek out the stranger who's simple act of kindness had helped her in her hour of need.

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