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Why Your Underwear Has That Pocket, And Other Things You Didn't Know


After using something for a couple decades, you'd think you would know everything about it.

For example, how many people know that the hole in elevator doors are a special keyhole for emergency workers, or that the hole in pen caps are designed to not block a child's airway, in case it gets swallowed.

There are so many secret uses for everyday objects, and I'm learning new ones every year.

One hidden mystery that I recently came across was the reason why women's panties have a "pocket."

We've all noticed this before and probably never thought too much about it.

Was it designed to hide money? Secret notes? Apparently the answer is neither.

The Mysterious Pocket

The reason why practically all women's underwear have a pouch is because they're required to.

This layer is made from a special soft tissue that is meant to add more comfort.

But that still doesn't answer the question as to why there is a pocket. Couldn't they just sew it both ways?

"It applies both to women’s and men’s underwear," a YouTube video by Mind Warehouse revealed. "But the ladies panties are made in such a way that it’s impossible to attach this extra bit of fabric with two inner seams. In that case, one of them will make you uncomfortable. So on one side, they leave it unsewn."

So, this mysterious pocket isn't for some fancy purpose, but it's interesting that they don't sew an extra seam because it's uncomfortable against the skin. Who knew?!

This fact about women's undergarments may not have been mind-blowing, but these next ones may be...

5 Things You Need To Know

1. The white stain on your underwear is a good sign.

Over time, you'll notice that your dark shades of underwear start to turn white on the inside.

Many people attribute these bleach-like stains to the quality of their detergent or underwear, but it has nothing to do with that.

These stains are caused by natural secretions, which works to balance your body's pH level in order to fight off bad bacteria.

2. The average woman owns about 21 pairs of underwear.

I don't doubt that.

Studies have shown that a majority of women change their underwear every day, but we don't do laundry every day, so it's important to have many pairs at hand.

3. You should throw out your underwear and bras once a year, even if you wash them regularly.

To reduce the risk of UTIs and other infections, undergarments should be replaced frequently.

A study found that even clean underwear contains tens of thousands of living bacteria after a certain period of time.

4. According to bra-fitting experts, about 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size.

If your bra feels in any way uncomfortable, you're likely wearing the wrong size.

To figure out if your bra is fitting properly, click here.

5. Not only are many women wearing the wrong size of bra, they're also making these underwear mistakes...

If your underwear is too tight or made of something else besides cotton, you're at risk of trapping moisture, which can become the perfect breeding ground for an infection.

The more the area down there can breathe, the better. Some people suggest sleeping commando at night.

Did any of these undergarment facts surprise you?

Many women have no clue how often to wash their bra. Every day? Every week? Every month? Click here to find out!

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