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Doctors Gave Her A Death Sentence, But The "World's Tiniest Girl" Keeps Proving Them Wrong

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Emma Newman / Barcroft

Every mother's worst nightmare is learning that there is something wrong with your unborn child.

Even having to change plans from a natural birth to a c-section can be incredibly nerve-wracking, but that's sometimes a best case scenario.

When a woman from England went into labor a few weeks early, she and her husband had no idea what to expect.

But what doctors discovered changed their lives forever.

"I started to panic"

Dr. Wolfgang Moroder - Wikimedia

Emma Newman and her husband Scott Garside had three healthy daughters already. During Newman's fourth pregnancy, nothing in her scans gave her reason to be alarmed.

"I was massive," she remembered, "so we didn’t think there was anything to be worried about."

The first sign that something was wrong came Newman went into labor four weeks early.

"They examined me and said I was only 24 weeks pregnant but I’d already had scans and knew that wasn’t right," she said.

"I started to panic."

Doctors told Newman to expect a premature baby, but she assumed they meant a three or four pound child.

Instead, her daughter Charlotte weighed just two pounds when she was born, and the little girl's appearance stunned her parents.

Primordial dwarfism

Charlotte Garside

By a twist of fate, both of Charlotte's parents carried the gene for a rare genetic condition called primordial dwarfism.

The condition is so rare, only about 200 people around the world have it - and Charlotte's variety didn't even have a name.

Primordial dwarfs are born tiny, and grow very little as they age, leaving them looking like little human dolls.

And growing up to be less than three feet tall hasn't been easy for Charlotte.

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