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You Might Remember This Classic Ad, But Do You Know The Secret Behind It?

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The 1970s were a decade when Americans began to think seriously about the environment. The very first Earth Day was celebrated in 1970, and to mark the holiday's first anniversary, the nonprofit organization Keep America Beautiful wanted to do something special. The group made commercials and PSAs to raise awareness about littering, which most people didn't see as a serious problem back then.

Their 1971  Earth Day commercial, which came to be known as the "Crying Indian Ad," was a huge success. Narrated by actor William Conrad and starring Iron Eyes Cody, it changed the way Americans saw litter forever.

The ad was an overnight sensation, and in the next few years the organization says that littering was reduced by 88%.

It also made Iron Eyes Cody a household name. Today he's most famous for these commercials, but in his career he starred in over 200 western films, including alongside John Wayne in The Big Trail.

Iron Eyes Cody in Calamity JaneAnother Old Movie Blog

But "Iron Eyes Cody" spent his long career hiding a secret: he wasn't really a Native American at all, although he claimed that both his parents were.

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