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You Need To Know Why Crocheted Octopuses Are Saving These Babies' Lives

There is something very special about these crocheted octopuses that have totally transformed the lives of preemie babies at the Poole Hospital in Dorset England.

According to their website, these adorable little snugglies are the brainchild of a hospital in Denmark. After pairing up a preemie with the softest octopus, they found that the babies' health improved dramatically!

Mom Kat Smith with her daughters Jasmine and Amber.Poole Hospital

These little octopuses promoted better breathing and more regular heartbeats as well as higher oxygen levels in their blood. Some believe that the curly tentacles of the squishy octopuses felt like an umbilical cord, which might remind the babies of being inside their mother's womb.

Another bonus to having the octopuses in bed with the babies is that the tiny tots were less likely to pull out their monitors and tubes.

Now the hospital is calling for more crocheted octopuses and will be accepting donations. The pattern and specifications can be found here. If you would like to donate to a hospital in your country, check out the list of organizations here.

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