Your Biggest Pet Peeves May Have Something To Do With Your Zodiac Sign

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We all have pet peeves, but what you might have not known is that our pet peeves can stem from our zodiac signs. Here's your sign's biggest pet peeves:


Aries are known as the hot-headed, center-of-attention, life-of-the-party, sign. Having an Aries in your life means a whirlwind of fun.

Arie's biggest pet peeves are people being bummers, being ignored, and sharing. These things make an Aries mad because rather than giving themselves time to process their anger, their short-tempered sign tends to lash out when the slightest bit frustrated.

Aries also can′t take anyone who is a social bummer. They will insist everyone has a good time and will get frustrated if they sense you aren't.


Taurus is the sign that has it all together. They are dependable and trustworthy.

Their biggest pet peeve is when someone tries to mess up their routine, or denies them of what they are comfortable with. They deal with this by working themselves up, rather than adjusting the situation. They don't easily forgive.


Too much of a routine angers Geminis the most. This outgoing sign will get annoyed with, boring people, being told what to do, and not having enough variety in their lives. Geminis get bored easily so anything that bores them probably annoys them.


Because of how emotional Cancers can be, their biggest pet peeves are anything where they feel like they aren't in control. They hate feeling exposed, hurt or embarrassed.

Cancers are known to deal with things by being passive-aggressive, and holding grudges.


Leos are extremely extroverted and love being the center of attention, similar to Aries except for the fact that your need for attention stems from your pride.

The biggest insult to a Leo is being ignored or being shut-down in front of their peers. You deal with this by telling the whole world how you've been wronged.

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