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You've Been Microwaving Your Leftovers Wrong This Whole Time

You probably think that there's only one way to heat up your leftovers in a microwave. In fact, it seems pretty straight forward. Just put it on a microwave safe plate, set the time and watch it cook.

Have you ever heated up a container of leftovers in the microwave only to find that it's only partially warmed?

Like most of us, you probably pop it back in for another 30 seconds. But there is a better way to heat your food without repeated microwave sessions.

Like many people, we just pour our leftovers into a bowl or onto a plate and set it in the microwave. But that's the first mistake.

The secret is in the surface area. Rather than piling it on, you've got to spread it out.

For pastas and rice dishes, make a ring around the plate and leave a hole in the middle. the flatter your food is, the more evenly it should heat up.

For foods of different sizes: arrange thicker and larger pieces on the outside and smaller pieces on the inside of the plate to encourage even heating.

Voila! You'll have perfectly reheated lunch and dinner every time!

[h/t: kitchn / Reddit]