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The Insanely Cheap Habits Of 10 Famous And Wealthy People

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They say money can't buy happiness, but most of us would at least give it our best shot. Surprisingly, some millionaires and billionaires can be incredibly frugal, like these 10 cases:

1. John F. Kennedy - American President

Before he became our country's youngest president, Kennedy was the son of wealthy businessman Joseph Kennedy, and inherited a trust fund worth millions. But Kennedy was a notorious penny-pincher, and his favorite money-saving trick of all was to "forget" his wallet at home.

The President with Frank Sinatra.bouvierkennedy

JFK's friends, employees, and even his dates all picked up the tab for him, and as President he made a point of cutting the White House's grocery bill. He even argued with Jackie about how much she spent on her iconic wardrobe.

2. Cary Grant - Movie Star

In the '40s, Grant married Woolworth's heiress Barbara Hutton, and the couple were so well-to-do that they were called "Cash and Cary" by the press. But despite his huge fortune Grant was incredibly cheap.

The movie star would cut the buttons off his old shirts, charged house guests for water if he did their laundry and marked his milk bottles to see if his servants were drinking from them.

He famously charged fans 25 cents for an autograph, telling them it was "for charity," while keeping the money for himself.

3. David Cheriton - College Professor

Cheriton introduced the founders of Google, and helped get the tech company on its feet, earning him a huge payout and the nickname "Professor Billionaire." But after celebrating with a vacation in Hawaii Cheriton came home with a new attitude towards money.

The Stanford professor still owns his car from 1986, but bikes to work most days. He saves half of his meals from restaurants for the next day's lunch and even re-uses tea bags.

4. Ingvar Kamprad - Founder of IKEA

The Swedish furniture chain IKEA is known for being cheap, and so is its founder. Kamprad is known for trying to haggle at the grocery store checkout line, taking salt packets from restaurants and waiting until after Christmas to buy discounted wrapping paper.

Kamprad isn't afraid to try some of his store's very affordable hot dogs.Lucatic

There are even rumors that even his business is just a big way to save money, since some believe that Kamprad uses IKEA to disguise how much he's actually worth.

5. J. Paul Getty - Oil Baron

While Getty was one of the richest men in American history, he's best known for installing a pay phone in his lobby to lower his phone bill. Getty says that visitors and workmen were making long distance calls from his mansion, Sutton Place.

He also once tried to haggle over the ransom for his own grandson. While visiting Italy, Getty's grandson was kidnapped, and the hostage-takers demanded $3.2 million.

Getty would only pay $2.2. million (that much was tax-deductible) and loaned his son the rest of the money - with a 4% interest rate on the loan!

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