90-Year-Old Widow Had Nowhere To Turn, But Then An 'Army Of Angels' Appeared

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90-Year-Old Widow Had Nowhere To Turn, But Then An 'Army Of Angels' Appeared

For years, Agnes Maples had been taken advantage of and ignored by her own family.

The 90-year-old widow lived alone in her small home, but a relative had taken advantage of her kind nature and turned her property into a junk heap over the years. He filled every inch of her house and backyard with his trash, including a full-sized trailer.

To make things worse, Maples's home was in disrepair, with holes in the roof big enough to let animals crawl inside, and rusting metal on some of the fixtures. Since Maples relies on a wheelchair or walker, her yard also wasn't being looked after.

It wasn't long before neighbors started complaining about Maples messy yard, and while there was no way she could clean up herself, they threatened to fine her as much as $2,500 a day unless she tidied up.

"They tried to get in to take it out, it was terrible," she told the Christian Broadcasting Network. "I didn't know what to do, I wasn't able to do it and I knew I couldn't do it." With no one in her life who could help, Agnes turned to her church hoping they could solve her problem.

But the help she received exceeded even her wildest expectations.

Maples's church put her in contact with Operation Blessing, a charity organization that does amazing work around the world.

The group uses their strong Christian beliefs to guide their actions, and they're always happy to help the helpless, like Agnes. In just a few days they managed to totally transform the elderly widow's home and change her life.

First, they set to work cleaning up her backyard. They dragged out all of the junk that her relative had dumped, and dismantled the rusty old trailer. But that was just the start of their amazing work.

Next, workers fixed her drafty roof. Then a team of dedicated volunteers installed a tile path around her home so the elderly woman could get around easily. They even spruced up her front garden.

But Operation Blessing saved the best surprise for last...

See the full transformation in the video below!

It's no wonder why Agnes called the team of workers her "little angels," and promised she would "never forget" the blessing they did for her.

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