Mom Writes Open Letter To The Man Who Shamed Her Autistic Son


Mom Writes Fiery Open Letter After Her Autistic Son Was Shamed In Public

This world is full of good people, and it definitely seems like people in general are getting nicer all the time.

So it can really blindside you when a grown man decides to insult and embarrass a family because a teenage boy has autism.

But that's just what happened to mother-of-two Ashley Wright from Belleville, Canada during a recent family outing.

Ashley Wright
Wright and her son, Logan.Ashley Wright - Facebook

She shared her story in an emotional Facebook post, along with some choice words for the man who picked on her son.

"Definitely the worst" experience yet

Wright's 13-year-old son, Logan, is on the autism spectrum.

While autism is a wide-ranging condition, Wright says that Logan's case is very noticeable.

"He is on the severe end of the spectrum," she explained. "He has very limited verbal skills. All four areas of his brain are affected by his autism."

She says Logan has trouble expressing himself, and often flaps his arms or jumps around. Combine that with his size - Logan is over six feet tall and weighs 190 pounds - and it's easy to tell that Logan sticks out in a crowd.

Ashley Wright
Belleville Intelligencer

Wright says she's used to people staring and commenting on Logan, but during a recent trip to the zoo she had "definitely the worst" experience yet.

After a two hour car ride, Logan was antsy and excited to see the animals, and was flapping his arms.

That's when a man ahead of Wright - who she says was at the zoo with his family - turned and shouted "Why do people bring kids like that out in public?"

"Should we just leave the zoo? Maybe we shouldn't be here"

Wright brushed off the hurtful comment, but says the man continued to follow her family around the zoo, staring at Logan.

Soon after, Logan became visibly upset, screeching and pinching himself, but couldn't explain why.

Ashley Wright
Ashley Wright - Facebook

"He had to use the bathroom," Wright said, "but he wasn't able to tell me that he needed to."

Once she realized what Logan wanted and started leading him to the washrooms, the same man confronted them again, getting in Wright's face and screaming at her.

"Why do people bring kids like that out in public?" he shouted. "They ruin society."

Wright said she was too stunned to respond, but another bystander told the man to mind his own business.

"It showed me that not everybody felt that way," Wright said.

"Because sometimes in that circumstance more people start to stare and you kind of feel like you're on the spot ... Should we just leave the zoo? Maybe we shouldn't be here."

"Logan deserves to be out in public just as much as anyone else"

Ashley Wright
Ashley Wright - Facebook

Despite the rude comments, Wright says the man minded his business the rest of the day, and Logan enjoyed seeing his favorite animals, camels.

When she got home from the trip, Wright poured her heart out in a Facebook post, saying everything she wanted to say that day but didn't.

"Logan deserves to be out in public just as much as anyone else," she wrote.

"He doesn't ruin the society. He didn't hurt anyone."

"All I can hope is that in the future if a situation like this happens again," she told the rude man, "you don't make another family feel the way you made ours feel today."

At first the post was only visible to Wright's friends, but after one shared it the open letter went viral. More than 7,000 people have "liked" the story.

To the man at the Peterborough Zoo today who loudly yelled well glaring at us "Why do people bring kids like that out in...

Posted by Ashley Wright on Sunday, June 10, 2018

"It's made me feel really good," Wright said, "because I've had people literally all over the world message me."

Her message to others is simple, don't let yourself act like the man in her story.

"Because [my son] needs that social interaction. He deserves to get to see his camels after a good week of behavior. He deserves to be treated just as good as anyone else."

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