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Baby Elephant Tossed When A Giant Bully Scoops Him Up and Throws Him Out of The Way

Teenagers are not the only ones that experience bullying. It happens in the animal kingdom too. While on safari, someone captured the footage of a baby elephant being thrown in the air by an aggressive bull.

The calf was filmed being shoved by a bull elephant's trunk before the impatient male loses his temper and throws the 200-pound baby into the air.

The baby can be heard screaming in alarm as he thuds to the ground beside the grown elephant.

The bull then helps the baby get up before deciding he still is in the way and shoves him some more.

Eventually the baby's mother comes by to make sure her baby is okay.

The bull then chases her, leaving the poor baby elephant alone among the heard of huge animals.

Watch the full video here:

The footage was taken by tourists at the Addo Elephant National Park in South Africa.

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