11 Stars With Estranged Family Members

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Family Feuds: 11 Stars Who Are Estranged From Their Relatives

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Think your family has problems?

Imagine how much more stressful your family reunion would be if you were a movie star with millions of dollars to your name.

As much as we dream of being rich and famous, being a celebrity is not all it's cracked up to be.

These 11 stars have estranged family members, and some will probably never patch things up.

1. Macauley Culkin

Macauley Culkin
Monica Rose Ragusa - Twitter / Coleman-Rayner

Culkin's time as a child star made him a multi-millionaire, but his controlling and abusive father, Kit, made the young star's life a living hell.

"I'm going around the country, locked in a room with a man who didn't like me," Culkin revealed about his time in Hollywood.

At age 14, the Home Alone star finally walked away from his father, telling him, "I hope you made all your money, because there's no more coming from me."

Kit told the Daily Mail that he doesn't consider Culkin his son anymore.

2. Leah Remini

Leah Remini

Remini was one of Hollywood's many famous Scientologists, before she left the church with her mother in 2013.

Since then, Remini has called the controversial religion "a cult" and accused the church's leaders of corruption.

Members of Remini's family who are still in the church, including her own father, have cut off all contact with the King of Queens star.

Leah Remini
Leah Remini - Instagram

Her father has even recorded bizarre ads accusing his daughter of "promoting lying."

Scientologists have a strict policy of "disconnecting" permanently from family members who break the faith.

3. Julia Roberts

Roberts is still not on speaking terms with her brother, actor Eric Roberts, after a falling out they had decades ago.

Julia Roberts
The Daily Mirror

Eric, who once went on Celebrity Rehab to try and rein in his addictions, takes all the blame for their split.

"I was exhausting to be around," he remembered.

"Complainy, blamey, unable to enjoy enjoyment. Everyone in my world needed a break sometimes, and that must have included Julia."

Lately, Eric said he has become "email buddies" with his sister. And he even claims to be "pals" with his estranged daughter Emma Roberts.

4. Anthony Hopkins

Anthony Hopkins

The veteran British actor surprised his fans in a recent Radio Times interview, revealing he's not in contact with his own daughter, Abigail.

While Abigail appeared alongside Hopkins in Shadowlands, the actor claimed he didn't know "or care" if she had children or not.

Abigail blamed her drug addiction, her father's alcoholism, and his deadbeat dad attitude for their frosty relationship.

"People break up," Hopkins said.

"Families split and you get on with your life. People make choices. I don't care one way or the other."

5. Adele

When the British singer said she would find "Someone Like You," maybe she was talking to her estranged father.

Marc E. - Wikimedia / The Sun

Adele said her dad, Mark Evans, had abandoned her and her mother when she was only three.

While they tried to patch things up, Adele said Evans wasted his second chance by talking to tabloid magazines behind her back.

"He will never hear from me again," she said.

"Because there is nothing that would upset me more than my dad being bribed by the press."


She even called him out in front of millions of fans while accepting a Grammy award in 2017.

"I love you like you're my dad," she told her manager. "I don't love my dad, that's the thing. That doesn't mean a lot. I love you like I would love my dad."

6. Ariel Winter

Ariel Winter

The Modern Family star was emancipated from her mother, Chrisoula Workman, when she was just 15 years old.

Like many former child stars, Winter complained that her mother had been emotionally and physically abusive to her throughout her entire life

In an emotional interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Winter revealed why the emancipation meant so much to her.

"Nobody controls you anymore," she said.

"You handle your own business affairs, your own living arrangements; your own money. Everything is sort of in your own hands."

7. Rosie O'Donnell

The talk show host's 17-year-old daughter, Chelsea, was reported missing in 2015.

Rosie O'Donnell

After she was found, O'Donnell called her daughter "mentally ill" in a fiery public statement, and the pair have been distant ever since.

When Chelsea announced she was pregnant in 2017, she said she wanted to reconcile with her mother for her daughter's sake.

But she confessed, "I don't think [our relationship] can ever be mended."

O'Donnell said she will "always love" her daughter, but that she "doesn't always have the ability to make the right decisions in the moment."

Update: O'Donnell announced the pair have "reconnected," hopefully for good this time!

8. Lindsay Lohan

The Mean Girls star has been acting since she was only 11 years old, and has described her parents Michael and Dina as typically controlling stage parents.

Lindsay Lohan parents

While Dina managed to stay in Lohan's life, the star has not kept in touch with Michael since he divorced Dina in 2005.

Michael's history of alcohol abuse and domestic assault charges have not helped to smooth things over with his daughter.

"He won't change," she told Piers Morgan in an interview.

"Whenever I do try to bring him back into my life, he creates chaos for me and uses it to his advantage. He's been really good and then really crazy my whole life."

9. Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson
Tanka V. - Wikimedia

The Bride Wars actress is close with both her mother, Goldie Hawn, and her stepfather, Kurt Russell.

But her birth father, singer Bill Hudson, has never been close with Kate or her brother Oliver.

Oliver even shared a childhood photo of himself and Kate with their father on Father's Day in 2015, writing "Happy abandonment day" underneath.

Surprisingly, Oliver says Bill actually reached out to him after the snide post. But Kate and her biological father are still estranged.

10. Angelina Jolie

Here's a story that gives hope to other Hollywood stars with strained relationships.

Angelina Jolie
Wikimedia - Flickr

Jolie and her father, Jon Voight, had famously not been on speaking terms for years.

A rift developed between them when Jolie was a teenager, and the last straw came when Voight said his daughter had "serious mental problems" in an Access Hollywood interview.

But two things brought them closer in recent years: Jolie's separation from her husband Brad Pitt, and the death of her mother, Marcheline.

Angelina Jolie

Since then Voight has been spotted in public, acting as a supportive grandfather to Jolie's children.

"Jon and I have gotten to know each other over [his] grandchildren now," the actress said.

"We're finding a new relationship, and it's very, very nice."

11. Tom Cruise

Since divorcing Katie Holmes in 2012, the Mission Impossible star has often been criticized for avoiding their daughter, Suri.

Tom Cruise

Cruise once admitted to not visiting Suri for 100 days in a row, and reportedly did not see her on Father's Day last year - despite being just 30 minutes away from her.

Like Leah Remini, many believe Cruise's lack of contact with his estranged family is related to his belief in Scientology.

The actor calls that "a distortion and simplification."

But his adopted children - who are Scientologists and in close contact with Cruise - once told Remini they were not allowed to speak to Nicole Kidman because she's an "SP," a Scientology term for an enemy of the church.

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