15 Clever Hacks That Everyone Who Owns A Car Should Know

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15 Clever Hacks That Everyone Who Owns A Car Should Know

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Cars are our second home, so we must take extra care in making sure they're organized, clean, and safe to be inside.

They're also crazy expensive to maintain, but these hacks will barely cost you any money. Before we get started, I wanted to let you know that some cars are simply beyond help and if you own such a beast, you may want to simply consider selling it and starting... fresh, shall we say.

1. Prevent misted windows

Sometimes you don't have the time to wait for your car to warm up, but it's dangerous to wait until the mist is gone, so you have no choice but to sit there.

To prevent moisture from accumulating, pour anti-bacterial kitty litter crystals in an old sock and place it on your dashboard.

You can also place this sock under the seat of your car to remove damp odors.

2. Clean the inside of your car

There are so many things you can do with coffee filters. Cleaning your car is just one of them!

Add a few drops of vegetable oil on a coffee filter and wipe down the interior of your car.

The vegetable oil will add shine, and the coffee filter will pick up dirt.

These sheets are cheap and sturdy, making them better than any other wet wipe alternative.

3. Freshen your car

All you need is a wooden clothespin and your favorite essential oil to get your car smelling amazing.

I love the refreshing scent of lemon and lavender, but you can choose whatever you like.

The best thing about this hack is that it's all natural. You're not breathing in any chemicals and you're eliminating that toxic new car smell.

4. Add pockets for more space

Any organizer that hangs from the backseat of your car will create more storage room.

This will prevent junk from piling up in your car, and you're less likely to lose any of your belongings.

If you have kids, this hack is perfect.

5. Dust A/C vents the simple way

You don't need me to tell you how dusty car air vents can get.

It's nearly impossible to properly clean those narrow slots, unless you dig deep with a rag, but that can get messy.

Instead, use a cheap foam paint brush to get thorough those hard to reach places.

If you like, add a drop of your favorite essential oil onto the foam brush to give your car a burst of freshness next time you turn it on.

6. Fix cloudy headlights

If your headlights are cloudy enough that they're barely emitting any light, you could get pulled over by a cop.

Save time and money by scrubbing a bit of toothpaste onto your headlights to get them looking as good as new.

If you don't have an old toothbrush, any rag will also do the trick.

For extra shine, add some mouthwash.

7. Create a phone holder using the air vents

The number one distraction that causes auto accidents is from using your phone, whether it be to make a phone call, text, change the song, or look at your GPS.

For the sake of yourself and everyone around you, create this cheap phone holder.

All you need is one rubber band. Loop the elastic into the air vent and attach your phone.

It's that simple to save a life.

8. Fix chips on your windshield

If you're not ready to shell out the big bucks to repair the chips and cracks on your window shield, apply some clear nail polish to prevent them from getting any bigger.

Make sure you apply the polish in the shade so that it doesn't dry up too quickly.

You'll want to brush the damaged area, especially the ends, to prevent the crack from spreading.

9. Open a stubborn key ring

Before you chip a nail, take keys out of tight keyrings using a stapler remover.

10. Avoid bumper damage

My garage fits two cars and my husband and I refuse to park outside in the winter, which means we have to find a way to park both cars without smashing the doors against the wall.

It's tough, but possible, thanks to this hack.

Cut pool noodles in half and attach them on the walls to prevent your bumper and the sides of your doors from getting damaged.

11. Organize your trunk

We all know we should organize our trunk, but we never do. Maybe this will inspire you to put organizing your trunk back on your to-do list.

All you need to do is put some laundry baskets in the back.

This way you'll never have to deal with smashed groceries or things falling over ever again.

Plus, when everything is organized, you'll notice that your trunk has so much more space.

12. Remove splattered insects

There's a lot of great uses for dryer sheets besides removing static and making your clothes smell fresh.

These durable sheets are perfect to scrub away the insects on the front of your car, without damaging the paint or finish.

To wipe them off with ease, wet the sheet and clean away!

If you don't want to waste your expensive dryer sheets, cooking spray will also do the trick.  

13. Test your tires the cheap way

Check to see how worn your tire treads are with the help of a penny.

Place the coin between the grooves of your car tire with Lincoln's head upside-down.

If you can see all of his head above the tread, you need to replace your tire, but if most of his forehead disappears, you're in the clear.

14. The fast way to clean up pet hair

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Cleaning up pet hair on fabric is not an impossible task, even though it feel like it is.

All you need is a squeegee, a spray bottle, and maybe some essential oil.

Spray the seat with water to loosen the air, then use the squeegee to remove it.

If you like to tackle the stale or foul odors in your car seat, add a drop or two of essential oil in the spray bottle before you spray it on the seat.

15. Open a frozen car lock

Your first instinct to open a frozen car lock is to use hot water, but for the sake of everything that's good in this world please don't.

The hot water probably won't melt all of the ice, and depending on how cold the weather is, it could freeze and make the problem even worse.

Before you force the key in, apply some hand sanitizer on it. The alcohol will slowly burn the ice.

Which one of these hacks will you try first?

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