David Arquette Is Wrestling Again And Will Fight Anyone Who Disrespects Betty White

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Although actor David Arquette was known for his role as Deputy Dewey Riley in the iconic Scream series, people often forget the father-of-two was also a wrestler in the World Championship Wrestling (WCW), where he first appeared in 2000 to promote his film, Ready To Rumble.

Arquette was often known for adding comedic relief to the sport, and even held the title for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship for a steady 12 days.

In 2002 he appeared on appeared on SmackDown!, along with a poster that said "Former WCW World Champ." He reemerged in the ring in 2010, where he was partnered with Alex Riley to face Randy Orton in a 2-on-1 Handicap Match on Raw.

Although wrestling fans thought that would be the last time we would see Arquette in leather pants, he announced on The Wendy Williams Show that after nearly a decade, he was returning to the WCW.

"Eighteen years ago, I won the WCW Heavyweight Championship belt and everyone freaked out. I was promoting a movie I did called Ready to Rumble and it just happened that I won the championship, but for 18 years, I've been trolled on the Internet and people have attacked me," the 46-year-old explained.

"They sort of blamed me for ruining WCW "” it's no longer around. I maybe had something to do with it," he added.

Although Williams reminded Arquette that he isn't in the same shape he was nearly two decades ago, the actor said he wants to "bring some respect back to my name."

He stuck true to his word and participated in a scramble match at Peter & Ray's Surprise! Birthday Party Wrestling Show on June 14 in South Gate, California.

In a stunning performance, Arquette jumped off the ropes and threw a "haymaker" at one of his opponents and then kicked the other in the groin.

Since his reemergence, wrestling fans are becoming hyped up over Arquette's first singles match again RJ City on July 15, and is ready to "bring the pain" at the Oceanview Pavilion in California.

The much talked about event will likely settle the Twitter feud between the men. While City has called Arquette a "burnt out actor" and a "piece of sh*t," the Wild Bill actor has been seen training profusely, and has even began practicing DDP yoga.

But Arquette's main motivation to fight City? To defend the name of legendary actress, Betty White.

In a recent Twitter, City wrote "Bea [Arthur] knew enough to let scum bag Betty White steer the ship, then laugh as it drowned," which angered several fans, including Arquette himself.

"I'm gonna outsmart him. I'm gonna outskill him ... I'm gonna bring respect back to Betty White's name," Arquette said, adding that he'll defend [her[ honor."

We're rooting for you Arquette and thank you for defending White's good name!

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