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Even The Toughest Veterans Cry When The "Angel Woman" Reunites Them With Their Dogs

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What makes a good Samaritan give up their time and money to help a total stranger? For Molli Oliver, all it took was one emotional conversation she had with a veteran. Oliver has been a flight attendant for more than 40 years, so she's made lots of temporary connections with passengers throughout the years.

But this one stood out to her: she had spoken with a veteran who had been separated from the dog he served with for more than 5 years, but who still broke into tears after mentioning him.

It turned out the man was willing to adopt the dog, but couldn't afford to ship him to his home. Oliver only had one question: where could she find his dog?

The military lets dog handlers adopt their partners when the animals retire, but conflicts between different handlers and reassignments can separate veterans from their partners.

"It's a part of them that's been missing," Oliver explains, and she's made it her job to reunite these dogs with their proper owners.

So far Oliver - who has no connection to the military other than her admiration for them - has brought 5 veterans back together with their partners.

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