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Follow These 7 Steps To Keep Raccoons Off Your Property For Good

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Trash bandits, garbage pandas, little burglars, whatever you call them raccoons mean big trouble for homeowners. While there are lots of different pests who will try and sneak into your house, none are as crafty, persistent or dangerous as the raccoon.

If you've noticed some of these critters sneaking around your property at night, you might already be at risk of them making a home in your attic.

Follow these 7 steps to recognize how raccoons invade your property and learn to keep them out!

1. Check your home for holes

This sounds like a no-brainer, but it's better to be safe than sorry. Raccoons like to rip open a hole that already exists in your roof or basement, rather than starting one. Make sure your home is secure, then check back every few weeks if you've been noticing raccoons in your neighborhood.

2. Look for warning signs

Scratch marks on your property, raccoon tracks and a messy garden are all sure signs that raccoons are casing your home. You might even hear them trying to claw their way inside at night. Ignore raccoons and their scent will tell other raccoons your home is a nice place to look for food, so don't encourage them!

3. Block their entrances

Sadly, fences won't do much good because raccoons are strong climbers and diggers. If you're desperate, you could spring for an electrified fence or wire. In most serious cases, adding a screen to your windows and trimming the trees around your home should be enough. Make sure there's a 5-foot gap between the branches and the house.

4. Don't try and wrangle a raccoon yourself

Along with a nasty cut or bite, there are so many ways to hurt yourself while chasing a raccoon through the smallest parts of your house. Plus, raccoons and the mess they leave are full of diseases. Call an expert if one of these animals gets inside your home. Even if they're on your property, a pest control expert can trap them and relocate them permanently.

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