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KFC's New Gravy Scented Candle Divides The Internet


From paying a couple $11,000 to name their child after its founder Colonel Harland Sanders to releasing a chicken-scented bath bomb, and offering a $10,000 Internet Escape Pod for those who crave some peace of mind, you would think that after all these years we'd all be used to KFC's outrageous publicity campaigns.

However, there are still plenty of people out there who continue to be surprised by the fried chicken chain's marketing ploys.

This week, KFC announced their latest invention and it has people on social media feeling a lot of emotions.

The chain took to Twitter to unveil its new limited-edition candle and it smells like their signature gravy.

"The Gravy Candle. Yes. A KFC Gravy scented candle," read the caption of the video posted on their page.

Of course, those who enjoy the aroma of chicken drippings wafting through their home were quick to say that they "need to get one."

One user even asked to be gifted the candle for their birthday, but it looks like they may be in the minority.

There were a lot of people who had some strong opinions about the product, wondering why KFC would even bother creating something like it.

While some people were busy complaining and rolling their eyes, others simply wanted to know if the candle is edible.

Even though there's actual gravy in the candle, which is made using "artisanal techniques," KFC "wouldn't advise actually eating it..."

The unusual offering is apparently a part of the company's strategic plan to expand across the pond. Yum! Brands, KFC's parent company, plans to open 1,000 stores throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland by 2020.


Unfortunately, if you were hoping to get your hands on one of the candles, you may be out of luck here in the United States.

Only 230 are available, and they can be won through a contest that is only open to the resident of the U.K. and Ireland.

Would you burn a KFC gravy scented candle at home?

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