Mama June Is Going Blind, and Says It's Causing More Health Issues


2018 has been a tough year for Mama June Shannon. Despite losing a whopping 300 lbs the year prior, she has slowly started to gain it back, and has become completely blind in her right eye.  So far the family matriarch has already undergone four operations to save the little vision she has in her left eye.

As heartbreaking as those two ailments are, Mama June recently revealed they may be connected.

"It's been physically and emotional draining," she told PEOPLE regarding her vision problems. "Losing my independence and having to rely on other people for everything has been crazy."

According to Mama June, her loss of vision in her right eye is the result of childhood cataracts that were never properly treated, while her deteriorating eyesight in the left is due to a retinal detachment.

Due to her significant health concerns, Mama June explained to the publication that she has gained 25 lbs as her condition has left her unable to continue her exercise regime.  

"I can't do anything and have to lay down most of the time and take care of my vision," Mama June shared. "I have to worry about that right now. That's my main concern."

Since her diagnosis, Mama June and her boyfriend, Geno Doak, have temporarily relocated to North Carolina in order to be closer to Duke University Hospital. However, her famous 12-year-old daughter, Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson, has remained in Georgia.

Although Mama June describes her left eye's vision as a four out of 10, she said she would be perfectly content if it stayed that way.

"Nothing is guaranteed," she explained. "Even if it stays as good as it is now, I'll be happy."

While Mama June has made skeptical decisions in the past, she now has her priorities in order.

"I'm just focused on getting my vision back," she said. "I can lose the weight, I know that. And I know I don't want to go back over 200 lbs. I'm paying attention to it more."

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