McDonald's Is Getting Rid Of A Beloved Beverage

It seems like for every novelty product we get this year, we sacrifice a beloved one from our childhood.

First, Crayola got rid of one of its original colors this past March and now McDonald's revealed its decision to retire one of the restaurant's classic drinks.

On Friday, Fox59 reported that the fast food chain is getting rid of Hi-C Orange Lavaburst starting May 1. It is expected that all locations will stop serving the drink by July.

McDonald's has not issued a public statement in regard to this startling information but an internal memo intended for company staff leaked on and proved it to be true.

The memo confirmed that the iconic Hi-C Orange will be replaced a new exclusive beverage, Sprite Tropic Berry, and people have a lot of feelings about it.

Fans of the bright orange drink wasted no time in sharing their displeasure on Twitter:

While you deal with this difficult news, it may help to know that you can buy Hi-C Lavaburst boxes from Amazon. It may not taste as good as the soda right out of the fountain at McDonald's but it will have to do.

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