Reports Say Richard Gere Is Becoming A Father Again At 68

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Reports Say Richard Gere Is Becoming A Father Again At 68


It's no secret that Richard Gere, once one of Hollywood's most bankable stars, has stepped out of the spotlight recently.

There are a few reasons for this, including Gere's renewed focus on his love life.

Now, as reports claim that Gere and his new wife are expecting their first child together, it's easy to understand why the actor wanted some privacy.

Who is Richard Gere married to?

Richard Gere
Richard Gere and his wife, Alejandra Silva.Mireille Ampilhac / Luisa Mata - Wikimedia

In April, Gere, 68 (and turning 69 this month), tied the knot with Alejandra Silva, 35, a Spanish publicist.

The couple had been dating for four years, and largely stayed out of the public eye.

Gere first met Silva at a luxury resort in Italy, which she had purchased with her ex-husband and was managing.

They kept their relationship a secret until they were seen together at a Spanish film festival in 2015. And their wedding, a civil ceremony in Spain, was also very hush-hush.

Richard Gere
Hola! Magazine

But after celebrating their nuptials at Gere's farm in upsate New York, the couple admitted their love to Hola! magazine.

"Richard has been my hero in real life," she told the magazine.

"I was a little lost, without light, and meeting him gave sense to my life. I felt like someone was stretching out his hand and showing me the true path."

As for Gere, it's obvious that he's head-over-heels in love with his new bride, despite their 33-year age difference.

"I have found the quiet and happy life that I have always sought," he revealed.

"I am the happiest man in the universe, how could I not be?"

Their first child together

Richard Gere
Riviera Nayarit

This week, Spanish newspaper ABC reported that Gere and Silva are expecting their first child together, and speculated whether the couple would settle down in Spain or America.

The paper reports that the happy news was confirmed by a source close to Gere, although the actor has not confirmed the story with any English-language sources.

While the new child would be the first for Gere and Silva, they both have children from other marriages.

Gere was previously married twice, first to supermodel Cindy Crawford in the 1990s and then to Licence to Kill actress Carey Howell.

Richard Gere
Gere and his son Homer (now 18) pose backstage at a Broadway show. Gere's ex-wife Carey Howell is third from the

Howell and Gere had a son named Homer together (named in honor of Gere's father) who is now 18 years old.

The actress had been married to Gere for 11 years when they separated in 2013. A source close to the couple said Howell's outgoing personality clashed with Gere's quiet lifestyle.

"She likes being in North Haven in the limelight," they said. "They live next door to Jimmy Buffett and his family, and they're good friends."

Silva has a five-year-old son named Alberto from her first marriage to geologist Govind Friedland.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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