16 Rubber Band Hacks That Will Stretch Your Imagination

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16 Rubber Band Hacks That Will Stretch Your Imagination

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You can buy packets of rubber bands at the dollar store and use them for dozens of different tasks.

I'm sure you already have many stuffed in some drawer right now so it's time to put them to good use!

Here are 16 hacks with these simple elastic strings that will change the way you do things every day.

1. Makes a pencil eraser


All erasers have a rubbery consistency so a rubber band will have the same effect on pencil markings as any conventional eraser.

You can either attach the rubber band on the end of the pencil to create its own eraser, or you can knot the rubber band until it turns into a ball.

Rubber bands also make the perfect page turner. Loosely wrap the elastic around your finger and you'll never have to lick your fingers again.

2. Prevents clothes from slipping off a hanger

Hangers have a way of stretching out your delicate fabrics.

When they're not stretching them out, your clothes are probably falling off, creating a big mess in your closet.

Wrap a thick elastic band close to the corners of your hangers to prevent your clothes from falling and stretching.

3. Makes a car smartphone mount

The number one distraction that causes car accidents is from people using some kind of electronic device.

Create this DIY phone holder by looping the rubber band into the air vent and attaching your phone.

This way you can change the song on your phone or check the GPS without getting too distracted.

4. Opens a stubborn jar


Whether you're opening a jar for the first time or it's gotten sticky to the point that it just won't budge, let your rubber band give you hand.

Wrap the elastic around the lid several times to get a better grip and then pry it open.

5. Get the perfect French manicure

Save the money you'd spend at getting your nails done at a salon and get the perfect French manicure at home.

Secure a rubber band just below the edge of your nail and apply nail polish.

You'll want to make sure the rubber band is tight to prevent polish from seeping under the elastic.

6. Makes painting easier


A cheap rubber band can save you a headache when you're trying to get some painting done.

Once you dip your brush into the paint, you can scrape off the excess paint on the edge of your can, but you might also be catching dry paint in the process.

Keep in mind that paint also splatters easily.

Remove excess paint and prevent paint drips by attaching a rubber band across the length of the can.

7. Fastens glasses in the dishwasher

The last thing you want to see when you open your dishwasher is broken glass.

It's happened before, which is why I tell everyone about this hack.

Simply tie a few rubber bands together to hold your fragile glasses in place.

8. Perfect for packing clothes

Nowadays airlines are charging you a ridiculous amount of money for extra or overweight baggage.

Create more space in your luggage by wrapping clothes tightly with rubber bands.

9. Attach on your chopping board

Prevent your cutting board from slipping by wrapping two rubber bands close to the edges.

By doing this you'll avoid cutting your food unevenly and getting your finger chopped off.

The latter is most important!

10. Color code glasses during parties

Sipping from other people's glasses is not ideal, but it's hard not to make that mistake when all the cups look the same.

If you've got colorful rubber bands, wrap different colors around your drinkware to prevent them from getting mixed-up.

11. Keeps a door unlocked


Loop a rubber band over both knobs to keep your door from slamming shut.

Make sure the rubber band is secured over the latch or else this hack won't work.

12. Keeps pot lids in place

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Shaky pot lids have a way to make my heart drop.

It's important to keep the lid down when something is boiling rapidly in your crack pot. This hack is also great if you're transporting the pot somewhere else.

All you need to do is use two rubber bands to secure the lid in place.

Tip: Wrapping a rubber band several times around your cooking utensils will prevent them from slipping in the cooking pot.

13. Keeps your zipper up

If your jeans are too tight or you temporarily need to fix the zipper, attach a rubber band on it.

Then loop it around the pant's button to secure it in place.

14. Makes a bookmark


Bookmarks can easily get lost. And they're not great at holding the pages of your book in place.

Rubber bands are perfect to remind you where you left off while also securing the pages.

15. Prevents your shower caddy from wobbling

Loop a rubber band around the very top of your shower head before you place your shower caddy.

The rubber band will secure the caddy from wobbling and prevent heavy toiletries from falling on your head.

16. Keeps a sliced apple from browning

Sliced apples make the perfect snack, but only when they look and taste fresh.

Prevent your slices from browning by putting them back together with a rubber band or two.

To help them stay fresh longer, squirt some lemon juice on the slices before you put it back together.

Which one of these rubber band hacks will you try first?

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