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School Claimed They Caught A Ghost On Security Camera, Now It's Happened Again

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There's something haunting the halls of Deerpark school, and the staff say it isn't a student.

Deerpark says they've captured ghosts on two different videos.Deerpark C.B.S. / Facebook

You may remember this security camera video, which went viral last month. A camera positioned in the school's hallway recorded a number of spooky, unexplained events near a bank of lockers. In the video, you can see doors slamming, papers flying out of lockers, and a plastic sign being knocked down by an invisible force.

When the video went viral around the world, the school's deputy principal Aaron Wolfe claimed he "couldn't understand how this had occurred," but said if it was a prank "it's very well done!" Since Wolfe started working at the school last year, he says teachers and other staff have complained about bizarre events.

The halls of Deerpark are said to turn unnaturally chilly, and staff have even reported hearing crying noises in the hallway. The school's creepy history might explain the many ghost stories: Wolfe claims that Deerpark "is built on a site known as Green Gallows. In the 19th century, criminals were hanged here."

Some insisted that the video had to be fake, and claimed it was made using green screens, or computer editing. "I wish our school had these types of resources," Wolfe told Today. But almost a month later, Wolfe has more proof of Deerpark's "ghosts."

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