Trying To Sell Your House? Bury One Of These Statues In Your Yard

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Trying To Sell Your House? Bury One Of These Statues In Your Yard


So you took a chance and moved into your new pad before your old one was off the market.

Now, you've been paying two mortgages for almost a year and no new offers are coming in.

It's every home owners worst nightmare, and some people will try anything to get their house off the market.

Apparently, that includes requesting divine intervention.

How can St. Joseph help sell your home?

St. Joseph
St. Joseph and the infant Jesus.Nheyob - Wikimedia

Joseph, as you'll remember from Sunday School, was married to Jesus's mother, the Virgin Mary.

A carpenter by trade, today he's the patron saint for all carpenters. And by extension, the patron saint of homes and real estate.

Tradition says that a home owner desperate to sell their property can appeal to the saint by burying a statue of him in their yard.

Depending on who you ask, the ritual takes place very differently.

St. Joseph Statue
A St. Joseph "real estate kit."Coastal Florida Real Estate

Joseph might be buried in the corner of the yard, upside down facing the front door, or in the flower bed.

The saint is apparently very busy, because he also attends to condos - just leave him in a pot by the front door

And of course, your appeals will have a better chance if you offer up a prayer to St. Joseph.

While some Catholics bristle at the tradition (you might at least bury him in a plastic bag, to keep the dirt away), plenty of people swear by it.

Selling homes on a hope and a prayer

There are plenty of legends about how the tradition got its start, usually involving a convent desperate to move.

St. Joseph statue
Burying the saint with a healthy snack may improve your odds.A Day in the Wife

In fact, experts say the tradition probably began in America as recently as the late 1970s.

Still, it seems to get results.

In his book Saint Joseph, My Real Estate Agent, Stephen Binz reports a man who threw out his statue because it wasn't working.

A few days later he read in the newspaper that the local dump was being sold.

If your life needs some assistance from a higher power, we have a few more saints for you to keep in mind.

Everyday saints

The idea behind a patron saint is that these powerful religious figures can intervene on the Lord's behalf to guide and protect us.

patron saints
St. Anthony can help find lost objects - while St. Jude is devoted to lost / National Shrine of St. Jude

Whether or not you actually believe it, or just need as much help as you can get, there's always a saint willing to lend a hand.

While many preside over specific places or professions, there are a few who deal with everyday problems:

  • St. Anthony had a stolen book returned after praying. That makes him the patron saint of missing objects - including keys and glasses.
  • The Romans forced St. Bibiana to drink molten lead, and today we consider her the patron saint of hangovers.
  • St. Clotilde was a queen, whose children tore apart her kingdom by fighting. Offer a prayer to her if you have dissapointing children.
  • Praying to St. Honoratus- the patron of bakers - could keep your cookies from burning in the oven.

Ancient saints for modern problems

Some saints are even said to lend a hand with objects that were invented long after their time.

Clare of Assisi
Clare of Assisi is ready to offer tech support.Sutori - Pexels

Students pray to St. Isidore for guidance, but he's also the saint to ask for help with computer troubles.

Legend says that Clare of Assisi could watch mass from bed when she was too sick to walk to church.

That means if you TV or cell phone is on the fritz, you should pray to her for help.

Mother Cabrini always knows where to find a parking spot. Hispa / Neozoon - Wikimedia

Finally, remember this prayer to the famous missionary Mother Cabrini for your next trip to the mall - she's the saint of immigrants and hospitals, which have notoriously busy parking lots.

"Mother Cabrini, Mother Cabrini, find a space for my parking machiney!"

If even the saints can't help you sell your home, just be glad you're better off than this next home owner....

The happiest place on earth

This luxurious home in Windermere, Florida has been getting plenty of attention lately, but for all the wrong reasons.

With seven bedrooms, six bathrooms, and prime real estate close enough to see Disney World's fireworks, the house should be a steal at $888,000.

Disney home

But the... unique design choices have drive away a few potential buyers.

Disney House

Every room in the home is decked out in a special Disney theme.

There's a Mickey Mouse-inspired breakfast bar, Frozen and Tinkerbell bathrooms, and a glamorous Aladdin bedroom.

Disney House
Disney house
Disney house
Disney house
Disney house
Disney house

There's even a whole room celebrating the magic of Christmas year-round.

Disney House

Whether this is your dream home or a nightmare depends on just how much you love Disney movies.

One thing's for sure, even St. Joseph can't help get this house off the market.

Have you ever appealed to a higher power to sell your home?

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