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Struggling To Fall Asleep? These 15 Songs Will Have You Dozing Off In No Time

No matter what you try, you still have a hard time getting to sleep at night. Sleeping pills, yoga, and meditation have all failed in quieting your active mind and restless limbs.

Since getting enough sleep improves your performance at work and at home, you could really use a few hours of shut-eye.

While there may be no cure for insomnia, we've found a solution that will make you drift off in no time. Sound therapy has been known to alter mood and affect bodily functions. Some tracks are made with special rhythms that regulate breathing, calm the mind, reduce blood pressure, and halt stress hormones like cortisol.  

We've picked 15 sleep tracks for you to play just before bedtime. You might find yourself feeling sleepy after a few minutes, so make sure you don't listen to them while driving!

1. Weightless by Marconi Union

Scientists and sound therapists worked together to produce this masterpiece. Its sound patterns are specially designed to slow down heart rate and reduce stress hormones. In fact, when this track was tested in a study by Mindlabs, researchers found it reduced anxiety by 65 percent!

2. Electra by Airstream

After Weightless, this song is the next-best chillout song to help you relax. The sound mix of running water and electronic sound is sure to make you feel extra drowsy.

3. Gymnopédie No.1 by Erik Satie

If you love piano music, you're in for a treat. This rarely-played song can be found in Gia, a movie starring Angelina Jolie, but it's much better as a sleep aid. The calming movements will rock you to sleep like a baby.

4. 9-Hour Constant Rain Sounds by VirtualDreamer

Make it rain! If you find the sound of rain soothing, why not play it this track while you sleep? All you have to do is hit the play button and you'll be off in la-la land in no time.

5. Relaxing Deep Sleep Music

Zen nature-inspired sounds are just what you need to get the sleep you always dreamed of. Don't believe me? Just listen to this 3-hour track and you'll find out. Warning: You might not be able to stay awake in the first 5 minutes.

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If you're baffled about how sound therapy works, consider this. The type of music you listen to depends on how you're feeling or what you may be doing at any given moment. For example, if you're going to the gym, you'll want to pick a playlist with peppy, motivational lyrics and sounds.

A mixture of nature sounds, chimes, flowing harmonies, and heartbeat-like rhythms will do the opposite of motivate.

Check out 5 more sleep tracks that could work for you:

6. Regeneration by Arksun

Imagine you're lying in a huge grassy meadow, breathing clean air and feeling the breeze on your face. If sound could be physically felt, this song is that exact feeling. Delicate zen noises combine with nature sounds to put you out like a light.

7. ížú Ert Jí¶rí°in by í“lafur Arnalds

An Icelandic producer created this amazing instrumental track, and it's exactly what you want to listen to if you're having trouble falling asleep. The title translates to "You Are The Earth," and it doesn't disappoint.  

8. Mellomaniac by DJ Shah

Another track tested in Mindlabs' famous sleep study is this chillout track with over 1 million views on YouTube. It's almost 6 minutes long, but you'll likely have a transformation after listening to just a few minutes.  

9. Satellite / Stealing Time by Above & Beyond

Maybe the typical instrumental or chillout music doesn't appeal to you. Maybe you need to hear lyrics. Luckily for you, Above & Beyond came up with a 5-minute song you can add to your sleep playlist.

10. Miracle by Above & Beyond ft. Oceanlab

If the song above isn't for you, try listening to this second track by Above & Beyond. The soothing, hopeful lyrics will help slow your breathing and lure you into dreamland.

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11. Forever by The Devin Townsend Project

This hypnotizing tune is for you if loud noises or spikes in pitch tend to wake you up. The track is fairly even in sound distribution and make a good use of echo to achieve an eerie but comforting mood.

Not every type of "sleepy" song will work for you. Some people find nature sounds like raindrops very annoying. Others can't sleep to music at all, but prefer a form of "white noise." Every person who suffers from insomnia will be different and that's okay!

Don't get frustrated if a certain song doesn't make you relaxed. Find out what works best for you and your body.

12. Bless This Morning Year by Helios

Are nature noises not for you? That's okay! This calming music electronically mimics the sound of falling raindrops and flowing water. The result? A sleep-inducing piece that will help you fight insomnia.

13. Retrograde by James Blake

Are you tired yet? Have a listen! This zen but slightly strange track will capture your attention if you like constant, predictable sounds.

14. Blue in Green by Miles Davis

Is Jazz your jam? Soothe your soul with some soft Jazz and Blues with a glass of wine in hand. Just make sure you finish the wine before your head nods off onto the pillow!

15. Clair de Lune by Claude Debussy

You've probably heard this famous piece before, but have you ever tried to sleep to it? This delicate rendition of Clair de Lune will have you sawing logs by the end of the track!

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