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The Science Is In: Why Happiness Starts With Strong Relationships

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A few years ago, a survey asked millennials who had recently started college what they valued most in life. Being "very well off financially" topped the list, being important to 74.4% of people, compared to just 44.6% of Baby Boomers. While you can chalk this trend up to lots of things - like the economy, the housing market, etc - one likely culprit is the cultural belief that money can buy you happiness, and our intense drive to be happy.

While it's hard to identify and study something as arbitrary as "happiness," one researcher thinks he has a handle one it.

Dr. Robert Waldinger is a psychiatrist, a psychoanalyst and a Zen priest, and he has a prescription for lifelong happiness.

Dr. WaldingerHarvard Gazette

For years, Waldinger oversaw a large-scale survey called the Harvard Study of Adult Development. For more than 75 years, the study tracked both a class of well-to-do Harvard students and children from Boston's roughest neighborhoods.

The research, which continues today with the children of the original test subjects, reveals these 2 groups have more in common than you think.

It turns out for everyone from President Kennedy to Boston bricklayers, strong relationships were the best way to predict a happy life.

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