There's A New Kind Of Soda And It's A Really Big Dill

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There's A New Kind Of Soda And It's A Really Big Dill

If you thought that Starbucks' sweet and sour concoction that was the Unicorn Frappuccino was weird. Think again.

We've had no shortage of unique drink options this year. Last week we told you about the arrival of the Instagram-worthy blue wine and prior to that people were losing their minds about Molinari's wine infused coffee.

This week, Grandpa Joe's Candy Shop has taken the odd-flavored drink craze where it has never gone before.

Thanks to the kitschy chain of stores in Pennsylvania and Ohio, Pickle Juice Soda is officially a thing.

The announcement was made on the chain store's Facebook page and it certainly wasn't lacking in puns: "If you're the kind of pickle lover who relishes all things pickled, this is gonna be a really big dill."

Asides from the carbonated aspect of the beverage, it may not be all that different from drinking pickle juice out of the jar.

According to the store's email to Mashable, the drink "smells just like dill pickle juice as you might imagine. The taste is spot-on. While the flavor isn't overwhelming, it's sweet and would definitely satisfy that pickle craving."

The release of the soda piqued people's interest and many couldn't refrain from sharing their feelings about it on social media.

There were some who were actually excited to try the concoction

One user is already planning the menu that'll accompany the drink

If you're a pickle-lover who doesn't live near a Grandpa Joe's Candy Shop, you can buy it online. A single bottle will set you back $10 (that's $7.50 more than in-store) and a 6-pack will cost you $30.

Would you try it? Let us know in the comments!


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