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Video Captures Disabled Man's Embarrassing Shopping Experience

Shane Zahn has learned how to live with his disability, but a video he recorded this week shows the shocking way disabled people are still treated by society

Being unable to walk makes the simplest things much harder, like going to the store for instance. Zahn owns a manual wheelchair that he brings with him everywhere he goes, but he leaves it at home when he knows the store he's going to has an electric cart.

That's why he didn't bring it to Mills Fleet Farm, a farm supply and sporting store, when he went shopping on Monday. But when he tried to leave the store with the cart, an employee told him he couldn't.

Zahn's asked his son to film this video to show everyone "how Fleet Farm treats handicapped customers."

Warning: the video features some strong language.

Posted by Shane Zahn on Monday, April 24, 2017

Zahn was upset by the way Fleet Farm treated him, but also confused. An employee had brought one of the carts out to him in the parking lot at the start of his trip, so he should have been able to take it back outside.

Zahn also says he's been allowed to take the carts into the parking lot on previous trips to the store.

In a Facebook post, he mentions that he also returned the items he bought that day. It's disappointing to see companies treat their disabled customers this way, especially when some employees try their best to be helpful.

Shane Zahn

After this video went viral, racking up more than 8 million views in just a few days, Mills Fleet Farm released an apology on Facebook.

While they don't let customers take out the carts because they may be damaged in the parking lot, the store think this case deserved an exception.

The company's CEO Wayne Sales says that they "should have gone the extra mile and helped the customer use the cart to return to his vehicle after shopping."

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