Watch: Baby Elephant's Piggyback Attempt Goes Hilariously Wrong

Elephants are wonderful creatures. They're very intelligent and make very important contributions to their habitats. In fact, if elephants ceased to exist, it would take a huge toll on nature and "many species of flora and fauna will suffer."

When these amazing animals aren't hard at work, they love to hang out with their herd and get a little silly with each other as a way of bonding. Despite the herd mentality, individual elephants have their own unique personalities and this shines through during special moments.

A group of visitors at Kruger National Park in South Africa had the chance to experience an elephant calf at play and it is the most adorable thing ever.

In the video shared by Latest Sightings-Kruger, a playful young elephant just wanted a piggyback ride from its sibling but no matter how hard it tried, nothing seemed to work.

The undeterred elephant gave it a few more tries and just when you begin to think it'll work out after a third attempt, it plops back to the ground defeated.

Watch the cute video below and see the ungraceful but determined little one try its best to do the impossible.

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