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She Built Her Own Tiny Home With Her Bare Hands, And Just Wait Until You See Inside

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Kahla McRoberts

Most 27-year-old college grads would be happy to own a home, but Kahla McRoberts went a step further and built her dream home by hand.  

The project started just 11 months ago, when Kahla and her mother Roxanne borrowed a pickup truck to haul a 20-foot trailer back to their house in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. That trailer would become the foundation for a tiny home that McRoberts built from scratch.

Kahla McRoberts

She was attracted to the massive project by the possibility of living rent-free with almost no debt. Plus, owning her own tiny house made it much cheaper to settle down in Colorado, where part-time ski instructor McRoberts feels at home in the mountains.

“I just feel better when I don’t have a ton of stuff” she explains.

But despite describing herself as "a huge 'project person'" to Lancaster Online, building a home from the ground up was a much tougher job that she ever expected.

Kahla McRoberts
Kahla McRoberts

With help from her architect dad Eric, McRoberts spent two years designing her perfect tiny home, and had to go back to the drawing board multiple times. Then, unexpectedly heavy snowfall delayed the project for months.

Kahla McRoberts

But after less than a year the tiny home is finished, and we'd happily switch places with McRoberts if we had the chance.

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