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10 Photos That Show The Effects Of Huge Disasters

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These days we're used to turning on the news and seeing shocking footage of disasters around the world, but when you take a step back and look at the dramatic differences these events make, it's easier to understand how terrifying they are.

1. The Mount Saint Helens Eruption

The volcano's eruption in 1980 killed more than 50 people, but it also changed the nearby area overnight, destroying the forest at its base and sending ash everywhere.

2. The 2016 Italian Earthquake

Tiny towns in Italy's mountains were hit the worst by this disaster, which killed almost 300 people. These photos show how the historic buildings in the village of Amatrice were ravaged by the quake.

3. Hurricane Sandy

The deadliest hurricane of 2012 left lots of destruction throughout the Northeast, but the iconic image of the disaster was the Seaside Heights amusement park and boardwalk. The roller coaster track that was washed into the sea even found its way onto the cover of Time magazine.

4. Nepal Earthquake

The small country in the Himalayas was ruined by a 7.8 earthquake back in 2015, which destroyed a number of landmarks. The Durbar Square temple, seen here before and after the disaster, was a UNESCO World Heritage site.

5. The 9/11 attacks

While the most devastating losses that day were the men and women who died during the attacks, the dramatic events also changed New York's skylines forever. For older generations, the Twin Towers will always be "missing" from views of the city.


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