15 Pictures Of Cats And Dogs That Show The True Meaning Of Friendship

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15 Pictures Of Cats And Dogs That Show The True Meaning Of Friendship

Where in the world did we come up with the stereotype that cats and dogs are always fighting? As we've shown you already, dogs have an almost-magical power to cozy up with anyone else in the animal kingdom, and while cats have a reputation for being jerks, they're friendly enough to share your house with other pets. But somewhere in history we all started to think of cats and dogs as Garfield and Odie, when they're really more like Milo and Otis.

To prove once and for all that cats and dogs aren't the feuding families that we imagine them to be, we've collected 15 adorable photos of these pets that capture what it really means to be friends.

1. Big or small, cats and dogs look after each other

2. And people say cats aren't friendly

3. They even do tricks together (when the cat puts up with it)

4. A hug from your best friend can lift up your whole day

5. But sometimes old instincts kick in

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6. Friends lift you up when you're feeling down

7. Or sometimes they give us a little tough love

8. They'll even share our pain when we're having a tough time

Apparently, this cat was taking his friend's medical cone off, so their owner had to put them both in the cone of shame.

9. Friends share, even when it means one gets stuck with less

10. And friends always say sorry after a fight

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11. A "cat nap" with your bestie is a great way to end the day

12. Real friends don't know the meaning of the phrase "personal space"

13. Because friends always support each other

14. Friendship means putting up with things that obviously bug us

15. And of course, friends visit each other on their own turf

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