25 Pictures That Prove Cats Can Sleep Anywhere

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If there's one thing cats are good at, it's knocking over any expensive knickknacks in your home. But if there's two things cats are good at, it's falling asleep in the most unlikely places.

Most cats sleep at least 16 hours per day. When you spend that much time napping, it actually becomes hard to fit into your busy schedule.

So to make sure they get all their beauty sleep, cats are prone to dozing in some uncomfortable and downright strange spots.

Enjoy these 25 pictures of odd catnaps. After all, it's good for you health.

1. The cat-grass is growing in nicely...

2. The face of an angel

3. Napping is a team sport

4. This is a little unfair for the first kitten

5. A pocket-sized snoozer

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