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20 Pieces Of "Junk" That Made Their Owners Rich On 'Antiques Roadshow'

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Growing up, my family watched hours and hours of PBS - mainly because we couldn't agree on anything else.

As a kid I couldn't stand Antiques Roadshow, but now I can't stop watching it.

I guess we all dream of finding a piece of "junk" in the attic that turns out to be worth millions.

The popular antiquing show turns up at least one piece of hidden gold on every episode.

But these 20 garage sale finds and family heirlooms were worth a bundle for their lucky owners.

1.  Norman Rockwell's "The Little Model" - $500,000

Antiques Roadshow - Normal Rockwell painting

You read that right, someone inherited an original painting by the great American painter. Rockwell gave it to the current owner's great-grandmother as a gift.

2. Winston Churchill's cigar - around $1,000

Antiques Roadshow - Winston Churchill's cigar

The iconic British prime minister reportedly smoked this stogie while planning the historic D-Day invasion.

Other cigars chomped by Churchill have sold for up to $12,000.

3. Edgar Allan Poe picture - $50,000


Quoth the antique appraiser: this rare photo of the famous writer is worth a lot, despite its tiny size.

4. Gold-plated Luxus II camera - $620,000

Luxury Trump

This one-of-a-kind antique was dubbed "the rarest camera in the world."

Only four of the lizard-skin and gold cameras were ever made, and this was the last surviving model.

5. Prussian plate - $185,000

Antiques Roadshow - Prussian plate
Just Collecting

This antique's owner wanted to appraise her rare books, but brought along the plate that came with them, "just in case."

Of course, they discovered it once belonged to Prussia's King Frederick II.

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