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Couple Find Buried Treasure In The Woods, But When He Opened The Box She Was Stunned

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Ryan Parsons / YouTube

I think every family has one relative who loves to hike through the woods with a metal detector.

One of my uncles spends a lot of time searching the wooded lot behind his house.

Over the years he turned up a few arrowheads (which look suspiciously like pointy rocks) but never found any real treasure.

Meanwhile, Ryan Parsons and his girlfriend Lisa made a life-changing find during a hike near their home in West Virginia.

A mysterious box

buried treasure couple
The Knot

Parsons, a pastor, had regularly gone metal detecting as a hobby, but his girlfriend Lisa had never joined him before their hike last year.

Bringing a camera along to record the event, Parsons captured the moment when he found a signal out in the woods.

His detector led the couple to a strange button, which Parsons said was from the 1800s.

Thinking there could be more Civil War-era artifacts nearby, Parsons started digging under a suspicious rock close to the button.

What he eventually turned up was a strange, antique wooden box.

"The find of a lifetime"

buried treasure
Ryan Parsons / YouTube

Parsons could barely contain his excitement, passing the camera to Lisa so she could "document" the discovery.

"This could be the find of a lifetime," he told her.

Lisa taped Parsons as he gently dusted off the box and pried it open, warning him to be careful.

Eventually the mysterious antique opened, revealing a pair of Bible verses written on parchment.

But there was one more surprise in store for the pair.

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