How To Live Past 100, According To People Who Already Have

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If you live an average life, the longest you should expect is to live in America is until you're 76 if you're a man, or 81 if you're a woman.

Violet Brown, 117, was the world's oldest person before her death this year.Raymond Simpson / AP

That's nothing to sneeze at, but there are lots of countries where people live even longer. Our neighbors in Canada are expected to survive until they're 80 or 84, and in Japan a woman's life expectancy is a stunning 86 years old.

Still, some people manage to outlive even our wildest expectations, and they have some helpful advice about how you can do the same. Richard Overton, the cigar-chomping 111-year-old military veteran, still indulges in his favorite vices and credits his faith in God with keeping him young at heart.

Florence Bearse, a 100-year-old from Bangor, Maine, has similar advice. She already knows what doctors are starting to tell us, that a glass of red wine each day keeps your body and mind young. Florence is living proof, because she's still the life of the party.

If you want advice that's a little more concrete, researchers believe they've already found the common thread linking the world's oldest people. They're called Blue Zones, and even if you don't live in one of these special areas, you can copy the lifestyle that makes them so healthy to keep enjoying life well into your 90s.

So how do they do it?

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