Jessa Duggar Facing Heat After Charging Money For Public Appearances And Not Putting Socks On Her Kids

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Is it really a news day if the Duggars haven't done something to upset people?

Why isn't Jana married? Josh and Anna are pregnant again? Jinger is wearing pants?? Amy was abused? Jim-Bob has a boyfriend questionnaire?

Now, people have two new things to get upset about, and they both involve Jessa Duggar.

Jessa, the 5th of the 19 kids, is pretty laid-back and never really found herself in hot water. The mom of two recently decided she wanted to give a lecture at awomen's retreat in Middletown, Ohio on "dressing modestly."

That it itself wasn't why people were upset (although it's 2017 and it all seems a little 'old fashioned.') It came out that girls under the age of 9, and men of all ages, were completely banned from the lecture.


It's not like the Duggars are known for their raciness, so banning people seemed a little odd. But what REALLY got people going was that Jessa was charging as much as $50 a ticket for the lecture. For someone who prides herself on her modesty, $50 for a lecture on how to BE modest seems...extreme.

A lot of people pointed out that Jessa was using her religion and beliefs to cash in, which is not what it should be about. If Jessa truly wanted to teach about dressing modestly, she could do it free of charge.


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