Just 21 Adorable Photos of Baby Elephants

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Just 21 Adorable Photos of Baby Elephants

Life can get the most of us sometimes. The stress of work, family obligations and our hectic schedules can just feel overwhelming. So it's nice to stop and smell the flowers every once in a while with something that puts our soul at ease. In my experience, nothing does this better than looking at some pictures of baby elephants.

Sure there are other kids of cute baby animals - puppies and kittens are popular, of course, but for my money nothing is more adorable and comforting than a baby elephant.

So take a few deep breaths, collect yourself, and find peace by looking at these cute little critters.

1. "When I grow up I'm going to be thiiiiis tall!"

2. "Hey wake up, I wanna play!"

3. Elephants love to make new friends

4. Wherever they go, they have a smile on their face

5. "I see you, Mr. Cameraman!"

6. When you visit the beach but you just CAN'T handle it

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In case you need another little pick-me-up, we have some hilarious videos to complement these pictures. There are other adorable four-legged critters for you to fawn over as well, but for my money even the cutest dogs and cats don't measure up to these cute little elephants.

7. This cutie is already a soccer prodigy

8. You can't spell "fun" without "mud"

9. Having a nice chat

10. Fact: elephants and humans are the only animals who have BFFs

11. Nothing is more relaxing than a warm shower

12. "I need to show you this awesome stick!"

13. Is the pool too cold?

14. "Look I found an even COOLER stick!"

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15. I'm not ready for my closeup yet!

16. Follow the leader

17. I think I need to sit down and catch my breath

18. A nap would hit the spot too

19. Time for the family trip, everyone together now

20. Happy birthday baby Ludwig!

21. They're cute, but a little clumsy

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