Meghan Markle Receives Her First Royal Birthday Gift, And It Has Special Meaning

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Meghan Markle Receives Her First Royal Birthday Gift, And It Has Special Meaning


Out of the 365 days of the year, your birthday is the one day you can bask in the attention that is focused solely on you.

However, this statement is only true if you're just a regular member of society and not one of the media's most talked about celebrities, where you'll be discussed on a daily basis.

One of these people are Meghan Markle, who seems to be discussed on a daily basis. But instead of discussing her controversial family, the public is getting ready to celebrate her upcoming birthday.

On August 4, the Duchess of Sussex will have her first birthday as a royal and she's already received her first gift.

The Present

The soon-to-be 37-year-old is a known animal rights activist, and her present highlights just that.

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) recently gifted the former Suits actress an Alexandra K handbag. The purse is made completely out of vegan leather and retails for about $380 US.

"PETA believes this animal-friendly bag is absolutely perfect for the Duchess, as she is mostly vegan and cares about animals and the environment "“ in sharp contrast to the leather industry, which, in partnership with the meat trade, kills over 1 billion animals every year," PETA director Elisa Allen told OK! Magazine.

"Chances are that this gorgeous handbag will inspire the Duchess to embrace vegan fashion and leave all animal skins out of her wardrobe, as she's already done with fur," Allen said.

"PETA hopes the gift will encourage the royal family and its fans alike to embrace compassionate brands like Alexandra K and to steer clear of cruelly obtained animal skins," she continued.

Unlike other presents Markle has received in the past, she will actually be allowed to keep the purse, as it abides by royal rules.

As a member of the British monarchy, Markle isn't allowed to accept gifts by people she doesn't know, but since PETA is a recognized organization, it won't be donated.

"Gifts from public bodies Members of The Royal Family may accept gifts from government bodies, trade associations, guilds, civic bodies, the armed services, charities or similar organisations in the UK, especially those with which the Member of The Royal Family has an established connection, in the course of official engagements or to mark special personal occasions," the royal website states.

But, we expect the Duchess will receive other meaningful gifts by the time her birthday rolls around, especially from Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth II herself.

"They seem to be her closest friends and partners."

Ever since Markle joined the royal family, she's fit right in. In the past few months, she's been seen with the Queen and the Duchess of Cambridge on solo outings, and it's clear to anyone there are genuine bonds.

"What's characterized these months are the two great relationships that she has struck up with the Queen and with Catherine," Robert Lacey, historical consultant for The Crown, told PEOPLE. "They seem to be her closest friends and partners in the official set-up."

"Harry gave the clue to it when in the [engagement] interview he talked about how well the corgis had taken to her instantly. That seems to be a metaphor for the Queen and everybody else has taken their cue from that," he added.

Middleton has also been dubbed a "pillar of support" during the demise of her sister-in-law's relationship with her father, Thomas Markle.

"Meghan is at her wits' end over this," a source told Vanity Fair, adding that the future Queen has gone out of way to make Markle feel comfortable with her new family.

"Kate's made a real effort to be kind to Meghan and to include her. They're quite different characters but they get along well," the insider said.

With the support of the Queen and Duchess of Cambridge, we have no doubt Markle will continue to thrive!

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